Daring travellers


As all languages, English has communication as its final goal. We learn languages to be able to communicate and interact with other people. But... What possibilities do we have to practise English in our every day life? Lessons at school are great but they might not be enough. 

We offer our students a wide variety of opportunities to travel around and get in touch with native English speakers, get to know their culture, visit interesting places while practising their language skills. By travelling, students won't only develop their English abilities, they will also grow as citizens of the world.

These programmes put them in different situations that help them realise how important it is to be extrovert when speaking in English. We don't have to be afraid of mistakes, since they are part of our learning process and they'll give us second, third, fourth opportunities to improve. 

These are the different options they have: 

- SUMMER CAMP for 3rd to 6th grades of Primary school

Can you imagine it? Just before the summer holidays... One entire week of adventure, learning English while having fun with your friends! A team of English-speaking monitors will offer you all sorts of activities to develop your competence in English. Don't miss the opportunity!

- ONE WEEK IN LONDON, for secondary students

A first contact with the British culture, a condensed week in London, living with a host family, with classes in the mornings and cultural visits in the afternoons, with your school mates and teachers. 

- IMMERSION PROGRAMME IN THE UK for secondary school and upper-secondary students

Two, three or four weeks programmes, combining lessons in the mornings with sightseeing and cultural activities, entertainment and fun in a town in the UK, while living with a British host family. A different summer, an experience you'll remember forever.

If you want to see some photos of some of our experiences, just look at the albums below. 

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